The Student Leaders of Tomorrow are Guided by Grace

Thank you to everyone who joined us
at our annual Celebration of Grace!
We had so much fun, and we’re excited to share the total funds raised as soon as we are able!

Grace Lutheran School is a Christ-centered located in Fargo, ND for students from preschool through 8th Grade. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to spend quality one on one time with each student and our entire community is involved in the care and nurturing of our students.

We believe in the education of the whole child – academic, social, physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual. Our staff is a group of dedicated professionals who value the opportunity to contribute to the Christian education and fulfillment of our students.

Since 1911, Grace School has inspired students to embrace a devotion to Christ and a love for learning preparing them for the rich lives of Christian faith and service. We provide Christ-centered learning for Christ-centered living to strengthen faith, to love and to serve church and community for the glory of God. Our students have gone on to be leaders in their fields while living their faith each day.

Academic Excellence
Our students have a long history of excelling academically in high school and beyond.
A Foundation of Faith
We’re committed to assisting parents in educating their children in the saving knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Learning Better, Together
We are privileged to teach talented students from a wide variety of faiths and origins.

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